Three hundred years ago a man known as Connor Pearson traveled to the new world from Europe.  While hiking in a mountainous New England Region he stumbled across a well hidden cave.  The ground was shaking leading Pearson to believe he was witnessing an earthquake.  Pearson heard an unusual noise and ventured into the cave where he discovered a chamber where two unusual beings were engaged in battle.

The combatants threw each other against the stone cave walls with such force, the entire mountain shook and Pearson nearly lost his balance.  They broke tree limbs over each other's backs, one shot fire from his eyes causing the other to use his cape to shield himself, and the other had the ability to shoot lightning from his finger tips.  Most notable, neither man ever bled leading Pearson to realize, he was watching a battle between immortals.

Pearson moved closer and could see up on a ridge a group was gathered watching this battle.  They noticed him but did not seem to mind.  These, too, were immortals that guard over humanity, but regularly gather here at The Cave to battle each other.  Masked, wearing tights and capes, these indestructable warriors come together to test their strengths and in doing so, learn their weaknesses.  These intense battles do result in one Super Hero defeated, but often it's not because they are weaker than their opponent, it's because the immortal they are battling merely uses their aresenal of weapontry with better skill.

Three centuries later, The Supreme Leader Monarch has agreed to allow us to capture these battles on video and to photograph them for you, the fan, to watch and enjoy. 


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